one eared stag

Executive Chef/Owner Robert Phalen

Robert Phalen is the chef and owner of One Eared Stag, the intimate and refined Atlanta restaurant where he cooks with rare creativity and focus. Phalen has earned a reputation for using subtle flavor combinations to create dishes that are surprising yet familiar, delicious and addictive. Despite the ubiquity of “farm to table,” few chefs source their ingredients as locally or sustainably as Phalen – in fact, One Eared Stag was named the best farm-to- table restaurant in Georgia by Travel + Leisure in 2016. He will often challenge diners and win them over, using uncommon ingredients or preparation methods that are too tasty to overthink. Phalen has received acclaim from both diners and critics, and he balances his thoughtful, high-concept cooking with approachable favorites such as Monday Night Fried Chicken and his famed burger, The Meatstick. He received a four-star review from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, was listed among the best brunches in America by Food & Wine and featured on the Food Network show Best. Breakfast. Ever. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Our Team

​Pastry Chef Kristia Paz

At One Eared Stag, the only constant on the menu is change; that same rule applies to the dessert and brunch selections created by pastry chef Kristia Paz. Every two weeks, Paz wipes the slate clean and introduces three new plated desserts to be served with dinner. During One Eared Stag’s famous weekend brunch, the changes come even quicker: Paz serves a pastry basket with four different baked goods that change every single week. That mandate for change might intimidate a lesser chef, but Paz appreciates the challenge – especially when paired with the creative freedom and trust granted her by owner and chef Robert Phalen. Paz’s only real restriction comes in the form of the seasonal ingredients brought in by Chef Phalen, though those tend to serve more as inspiration than limitation.

For her part, Paz enjoys using classic pastry and baking techniques to create pairings that feel familiar to diners but are presented with an unusual twist. She draws on a well of experience from some of Atlanta’s top dessert destinations, including Restaurant Eugene, where she was part of the opening staff and worked for three years. Prior to One Eared Stag, Paz spent seven years at The Little Cake Bakery, the beloved Buckhead cupcake shop where Jennifer Zyman of Creative Loafing Atlanta hailed Paz for her “wildly creative” creations. At One Eared Stag, her creativity has been allowed to roam beyond the land of cupcakes since 2013.

To see some of Paz’s artful desserts, follow her on Instagram @kris_cha, where she displays a great eye and showcases her photography hobby. Away from work, she likes to relax and spend time with her family. On Sundays after she finishes brunch service, Paz can be found at a weekly dinner with her parents, siblings, and nieces. She doesn’t usually have to cook, but when she does, she’s been known to create a full dessert buffet – whether it’s at home or One Eared Stag, Paz never does anything halfway.